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Care Planning

We are here to help you prepare.

We work with individuals and their families to prepare a plan for aging. Our strategy begins with a financial plan that pulls together income sources, expenses, insurances and copies of legal documents. Our second step identifies what transition steps you want to take.  Perhaps, you want in-home care or maybe you want to move to a retirement community.  We help you develop your transition plan and incorporate it within your financial plan.  Last, we will help you communicate your plan with your loved ones.

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Sometimes, preparation is hands on.

We understand that situations happen to us or our loved ones that we do not have time to plan for.  If you or  your loved one experiences a health event that warrants a change of care, we are here to help.  We will sit down with you and help you sort through the monthly expenses, the income, investments or insurances available and develop a strategy to pay for care.  We will help communicate with other family members so that everyone has their part in caring for you or your loved one.

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Life planning- it is never too early to begin your strategy.

Our Life Planning process may begin years before you may experience a transition into care.  Life planning begins with financial planning.  Together, we will identify what Long Term Care insurance needs you may have, review your estate planning documents to ensure you have the necessary documents in place in the event you needed for someone to take over your financial or health decisions, and we will identify goals for you to attain in order to make sure your family will be ok in the event of your death.

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