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Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a Process


Define your goals and objectives

We begin our wealth management relationships through a discovery process.  During this time, we will use a variety of tools to help us identify your investment goals and objectives.  This is also a time for us to provide education.  We desire to assist you in understanding the scope of services we offer to meet your individual needs.

Develop your customized investment strategy

No two of us are the same.  We all come from different backgrounds, we each have a different set of values, different set of dreams, different families.  We are all unique.  Our goal is to develop a wealth management strategy that fits you.

Implement your strategy

During this stage, we will implement your customized wealth management strategy.  This involves the selection of specific account types, investment or insurance products, and the completion of paperwork. 

Review your progress

The first review is scheduled just after your wealth management strategy has been implemented.  We will discuss the review and investment management process.  We will establish a list of guidelines to follow in the event you or your family experiences significant life changes.  We will also schedule our first annual, semi-annual or quarterly review meeting.


Fee-Based Wealth Management Services

We understand the importance of being a fiduciary for our clients.  This is why we offer a fee-based wealth management relationship with our clients.  We offer various managed account platforms that allow us to provide services to each level of investor. Our advisory fees range from  .40-1.5 bps based on management platform and account value.

As we understand that each of our clients is unique and has unique investments goals, we offer a variety of other investment options so that we may implement a customized, investment strategy. 

Please see below:

  • Annuities
  • Mutual-funds
  • Short term and cash alternatives
  • Equities
  • Oil and gas partnerships
  • Private real estate trusts
  • Structured notes
  • Life insurance & Long Term Care